If you know the meaning of “organic”, then you might have stumbled in a couple of issues a long the way, when trying to make a better targeted post for your Facebook audience. But after all, we all have to go through that, regardless of how difficult Facebook managed to make it for all of us, unless we show them the money first (interesting approach though!).

If you’ve ever done advertising via Facebook then that particular screen should seem quite familiar to you. It’s all about narrowing down a certain audience based on demographics such as age or location. On the other hand, you can go as far as targeting people with more specific interests such as cooking or gardening. Nonetheless, the number of people that will see your ads is directly proportional to the amount of money you are willing to spend on that particular ad, which can be rather frustrating now and again.

On the other hand, we have Promoted Posts which is right out there at the intersection between a standard post and an a campaign. Ultimately, whatever you want to promote gets a button of its own and you start pointing out how much you’re willing to reach for your money. It’s basically money driving the amount of audience you will receive. The good news about these promoted posts is that they’re budget friendly, not to mention a lot easier to handle in terms of reaching your audience and their friends. The downside of it is that it will only reach those people that already liked your page and their friends. So if you don’t already have a large audience, you’ll find yourself on a slippery slope faster than you think. Not to mention that if you have a large user base, then you will pay a lot in order to reach all of them. Less impact is another downside of it.

Ultimately, both options have their advantages and disadvantages; however, ads are more about campaigning and more serious deployments that will not cost as much money in the long run. Advertisements however are built for the occasional advertisement occurrence, when you want to put something out there, or you have your own schedule for it. Regardless of the situation, you should probably have a better understanding of how you want to target your audience in the long run before investing in one of the two options. Or you can try both of them at one point or another and see which one is more comfortable for your and your business.

What are your secrets to getting attention to your Facebook promoted posts? Comment below.


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