Being an entrepreneur, you know how important your connections are.   You take time to establish business relationships with people in your industry, the media, vendors, and your staff.  But, are you forgetting the most important part of establishing your business?  The people who actually buy from you.

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You know that the easiest sale to make is from someone who has already purchased from you, but are you and your employees really connected to your customer’s needs and wants?

Here are 7 ways to get the most ROI from your existing customers:

1: Empathize

Understand the problems, questions, and concerns your customers have. Show that you really care and are willing to help resolve their problems quickly and efficiently.

2: Anticipate Needs and Know Your Product

Know your product or service. Orient your customers with how you operate from the start of your relationship and answer their questions. Let your customers feel comfortable so they would be confident to continue to invest on your product/service.  Other note: Even though you may know your product inside and out, you need to make sure your employees have the same knowledge and are ready in case any questions pop up when you’re not around.

3: Be Available

Respond quickly to your customers so you will not lose sale and repeat business in the future.

4: Be Honest

NEVER lie to customers. Period.

5: Follow Through

Keep communication open between you and your customers. The initial sale is not the end.  You staff should always follow up how their experience has been or if there’s any issues so you can tackle to establish an even strong business relationship with them.

6: Say ‘Thank You’

Don’t forget to reach out to say how grateful you are to have them as your customers.  A little “thank you” goes a long way, whether it’s through an email, an expected gift, or a personal phone call.