You have subscribers now what
In my profession, I get a lot of questions about getting email subscribers. However, people seem less concerned about keeping their relationship alive with those subscribers.  Keeping in touch with your audience is the #1 most important aspect of your marketing, after all they want to hear from you (otherwise, they wouldn’t have signed up!).

After a person opts in to your email list, you can say that it is a very sweet moment. The subscriber enjoyed your content, blog, website or anything that you offered and is ready to connect with you.  What should you do next?

Here are 5 tips for getting the most bang from your list:

  • A Personal Message

Write a welcome email with the most personal tone to establish connection – not just going through formalities. Don’t forget to thank the person for subscribing. In case, you have free eBook, product giveaways, etc. include the instruction or needed links on how he/she can receive your “welcome and thank you” gift.

  • Email Marketing Newsletter

A welcome and thank you email is not enough to develop relationship to the subscriber. Treat the person like gold by sending immense value in the form of monthly (or weekly, like me) newsletter. Provide value that your reader can’t get anywhere else. Ensure that each email is relevant to his/her life. It doesn’t have to be product. Your newsletters can instead give the gift of knowledge. Quality content is the key!

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  • Subscribers Feedback

Give your subscribers a place to share their questions, suggestions or any concerns. This is a perfect idea because it gives you a source of ideas for your articles, newsletter, posts and future emails. You can also include your personal email address to contact you.

  • Don’t Go Crazy

It is very important to leave your subscribers alone for a while. It is a good sign that they gave their email address, but if you start sending too many emails they will unsubscribe quickly. Respect your subscribers by not overdoing email marketing or any strategies to connect with them.

The most important thing to remember:  Give your audience what they want.  They came to you for a reason, now give them what they want and more!