The Tool I Use Every Day to Connect My Team and Streamline Productivity

I am a creature of habit, as many people are.  In my first year of running my social media marketing business, I kept track of everything in notebooks.  I can’t tell you how many notebooks I’ve filled with strategy ideas, blog ideas, budgets, and even my prospect’s contact information.  And this system seemed to be working for me.

Fast forward two years and I have tripled my client load and I’ve assembled a team of graphic designers, an assistant, and a copy writer.  Inquiries fly into my inbox from multiple forms on my website, plus our social networks.  Emails need to be answered, phone calls need to be made, tasks need to be delegated, and it all needs to be organized.  My pen and paper strategy just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Enter Podio.

There is one browser-based platform that out performs every other project management platform that I’ve tried.  And the best part is it’s completely free.  It does have an upgrade option, but the free version is perfect for myself and my small team.

Podio Project Management System

Example of Podio’s dashboard (not Studio 41’s)

As soon as I log in, I’m taken to my dashboard which gives me an overview of everything on my calendar, tasks that I need to be complete, tasks that my team members have completed, a billable hours calendar, open leads, and an activity stream.

Using Podio to assign taks to team members

Using Podio, I can plan out marketing content and manage my content schedule and that of my team members.  All of my contact information is organized by Podio, and it easily separates my contacts into prospects and customers.  Each name gets it’s own app (yes, I said app), that shows me every email correspondence, note, project, timelines, and even related files associated with that contact or company.  I can even review and approve design projects from within Podio.

Podio Things it can do - Project Management onlinePodio allows me to easily manage every aspect of my job, and I haven’t even scratched the surface of everything this amazing browser-based platform can do.  I really would like to take the time to see what else Podio can do, because their website’s about page boasts recruiting, event planning, and even a bug tracker.

Have you used Podio?  I would love to hear about how you’ve implemented Podio into your company’s project management strategy.  Or, if you’re not using Podio, what project system do you use?  Let me know in the comments.