“As a new poetry author, I needed someone who could go on the social marketing networks and market my new book.  My computer skills are minimal and I needed an expert and my budget needed someone reasonable – Natalie had both qualities and provided the professionalism that I needed as well as outstanding work ethic that set the stage for helping me to succeed as a first time author. I highly recommend Natalie Grinnell and would certainly use her business service again.”

Carol Coles, Author

“It was a pleasure working with Natalie Grinnell. She is driven, hardworking and always exceeds expectations. She brings innovation and creativity to everything that she does.”

Erin Irber, Michael Greene & Company

“Natalie is a hard working, talented individual. She has been really supportive of our endeavors, and given her experience, her opinion carries a lot of weight, especially in regards to the social media industry. She would make a fantastic addition to any team, and I look forward to working with her even more and exchanging ideas as our vision and goals grow within the ever-changing world of technology.”

Carlos Cisneros, The Bay Area Native


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Natalie on more than one occasion as she was my point of contact at MGC during a value proposition for StreamSend… Through these working relationships, along with my current following of her blogs, event/project management, Natalie has shown exceptional communication skills that not only display her knowledge, experience, and expertise, but always bring a flavor of her own personality, creativity, and drive. I’d highly recommend Natalie for positions that desire strong communication skills, project management, and outside the box thinking.”

Amir Zamanian, StreamSend Email Marketing