Studio 41 San Francisco Social Media Marketing Agency Natalie Grinnell5 years ago, just having a company Facebook page and a Twitter account meant your social media marketing strategy was current. Today, the tides are continually changing, and it may seem hard to keep up.  While Facebook and Twitter are both valuable means of communication to your existing clients, many companies are noticing a decrease in community engagement.

Why is this happening?

One reason is because many of those companies are only using Facebook and Twitter, when in fact, those may not be the best networks for their brand in the first place.

Choosing the right networks to utilize is very important because time and money should not be wasted where little to no engagement occurs.  I get at least one inquiry a week from a frustrated business owner who has spent thousands of dollars on a Facebook marketing “guru” with zero return on investment.

How can you decide where to spend your marketing budget?

Here are two important items to consider:

1. What are your marketing goals?

Obviously, everyone wants more engagement and more money, but set realistic goals for getting leads, increased traffic to your website, community outreach, and relationship building with industry-related professionals.

2. Who and where is your audience?

Who is your ideal client?  Be as specific as possible.  Consider industry, gender, age, purchase habits, income level, education level, etc.

Using the answers to those questions, create a strategy specific to social networks where your target will be:

Is your target high-income brides-to-be?  Maybe a combination of promotion on Pinterest, Green Wedding Shoes, Glitter Guide, and Style Me Pretty is the social strategy for you.

Is your target audience 30-40 year old male sports fans who are hoppy beer lovers?  Maybe creating a cross-marketing strategy with a local sports bar or retailer is part of your new strategy.

After you evaluate this questions, create a social media strategy and put it into action.  Read my article on developing your social media strategy here.

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