Melonie Pavlick Secure Payment Form

Dear Melonie,

Thank you for choosing Studio 41 Creative for your social media marketing needs!  Below is a summary of our contract.  To make your payment, simply click the “Pay with Credit Card” button below.  Please also note that PayPal allows you to pay with a debit card or checking account.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!



The total monthly cost of the social network management is $300.00. Additional hours, per the request of the client only, will be billed at $50.00 per hour.

Schedule of Fees

Payment of $400.00 for the set-up, and first month is due upon signing of contract, prior to start of project.   Payments of $300.00 will be due on the 6th of the month, automatically charged to client’s credit card through PayPal autodraft.

Once payments are posted, they cannot be refunded, unless either party has given prior notice of 30 days.

Melonie Pavlick has full control and rights of the project and content I provide. This contract can be terminated upon the request of either party, Studio 41 Creative or Melonie Pavlick. 30 days’ notice must be made prior to termination. Melonie Pavlick is responsible for any unpaid monthly dues or fraction thereof.

Total due upon signing: $400.00