Marketing Must-Dos for 2014 Studio 41 Creative Marketing San Francisco

The new year is a great time to set goals for yourself and your company. You should do more looking forward than looking back, but it is important to pause on any big mistakes you made last year.

Define your marketing goals

Define your goals. No goal fulfills itself, so it’s best to aim high and create a strategic plan around those goals, and start putting your plan into action immediately.  Be sure to check in on your goals regularly and decide if you’re still on the right track.  For me, I analyze my goals every 2 weeks.  This helps me to stay focused on the big picture, and not get sidetracked on insignificant details or tasks.

Here are a few of my marketing goals for 2014:

-Run a free online challenge for my audience.  Winner will receive a year of social media marketing.

-Increase my email subscribers to 20,000.

-Write 5 guest posts and be featured on: LKR (done!), Podio (done!), Forbes, 7×7 Magazine, and Mashable.

-Speak as a keynote at a marketing conference.

-Start creating helpful videos for newsletter subscribers.

Develop and build your own marketing database

Build a database of former, current and prospective clients to remind past customers of your offers, strengthen current customer relationship and encourage potential customers to move toward a sale.

If you’re just getting started, create a database of people who might be interested on your offers. Communication shouldn’t be sales pitches; instead, offer valuable, helpful information relevant to your field.

Keep your database growing by offering a call to action such as free reports, videos, chapter of your book in exchange of sharing your contact information, and implementing social sharing sites (especially Twitter) to share them on.

[Tweet “When sales slump, one of the worst things you can do is pull back on your marketing budget. “]

Maintain your marketing budget even when sales slump.

When sales slump, one of the worst things you can do is pull back on your marketing budget.  If fact, the opposite: you need to pay more attention to marketing when sales drop off.

The new potential you develop today, and the prospects you’ve been establishing relationships with, will be your paying customers tomorrow. If you ignore them, you’ll be even more dire straits.  Don’t go down that rabbit hole.

Use every marketing tool available, and see what works for you.

Many of the marketing tools cost you nothing. Today, utilize the different social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn to reach your target audience for free.  Hootsuite is great for scheduling your social media posts.  Podio is great for team task management.  MailChimp is great for sending out your weekly newsletter.  All of these are free (or very inexpensive) for small business users.