As far as LinkedIn goes, we all use it for lead or job hunting purposes. But then again, when you look at the typical LinkedIn resume, it’s usually a rather boring experience. Remember that what you are and what you do are more than just a couple of words mumbled together in the same space, and if you worked hard enough for your skills and accomplishments then you will, sooner or later want to flaunt them rather than just list them as a pretty accessory to your profile.

Regardless of what your professional track might be, you can easily take advantage of a better-built LinkedIn profile and you can start by considering something as simple as images, videos, presentations and so on. Often enough it just takes a number of clicks to bring in that wow factor, but then again, you have to stop for a moment and think about it – is this something you want to put out there, and if so, is this the best form of the argument?

One of the biggest mistakes you will want to avoid when building your professional profile is to talk too much about what you do. Your point is to connect to other people via linkedin, and if you make it too hard for everyone else to actually understand the point of your business, then you should really stop there and rethink your strategy. Remember, it is not only about your work, or what you do, but it’s about how other people truly perceive that.

The second mistake one can easily avoid is the attention-grabbing factor. After all, if you haven’t grabbed someone’s attention then you might just be doing something wrong. Reconsider your strategy, think it all over again and then come up with some sort of jaw-dropping headline for everyone else to follow rather than garble text. Consider your Linkedin profile the cover of a magazine. If it weren’t interesting, nobody would be looking at it, not to mention the fact that any cover is usually ten times more expensive than the content itself. That says a lot about the power of first-contact marketing. And if you do not plan on focusing on this particular step, you should really stop wondering why it isn’t bringing you any advantages.

The third mistake you need to consider is the “who the hell are you” kind of attitude most people have whenever they’re reading an unclear profile. Are you a marketer, are you a business guru, but … what are you in the end? What is your purpose around here and where do you plan on going next. If you have no idea what your plan is, you can’t expect everyone else to be interested after all.

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Infographic courtesy of: Maximize Social Business – Your Social Media for Business Resource

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