Everyone in the design world uses a digital binder (or bookmarks for that matter) in order to better catalog their inspiration. Pinterest helps any eager interior design prodigy to create a streamlined, digital version of their files. That’s one way of using social bookmarking websites – after all, these virtual boards can help you as a business better show off your tools of the trade and finally help everyone keep track of your ideas and developments. It’s not only easier to display it to the world, but it also make it easier for you to show off to clients what you have available or what you might have worked on in the past. Just whip through different boards and show a potential client what you’re capable of.

Using Pinterest as a tastemaker interior designer - Interior Design MarketingAnother advantage of using Pinterest is browsing and repining – this basically creates engagement with digital tastemakers and if you start making waves you’ll soon find that clients start emailing or calling you out of nowhere. This is the part where you lead prospects to your websites and you can always point back to your website for viewers to learn more about who you are and how they can get in touch with you. Did I mention that this also helps with off-site SEO and it will create overall website engagement?

Pinterest is useful if you own an interior design business and you want to create a visual portfolio of whatever you might have in stock. Pictures of installations or rooms/environments you recently worked on are a great way to keep your audience engaged. Here’s the thing – a visual resume basically holds your most prized designs, but some might feel attracted to something less pompous for example. And once they see you go both ways, they might reconsider contacting you for their interior design needs.

How Interior Designers can Promote their Business using PinterestThe SEO part of your business is nothing to neglect as we all know – backlinks are easily created with a platform like Pinterest, and having price tags for some of your most interesting designs is certainly one way to help people figure out your financial range. Sharing your pins on social media websites such as your Facebook page or your business’ Twitter account can also make a difference in terms of social media rankings. And the more people end up re-pinning your photos, the more buzz it will create within the community. And that leads to more and more popularity, and in the end a higher business rating.

What are your secrets to getting attention to your Pinterest? Comment below.


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