Do you want to increase your incoming traffic and direct sales?

Most businesses nowadays see the value in having a successful blogger promote products on their blog, Instagram account, or newsletter, but the majority of them do not know where to begin.  Although you might have a service or product you’d like to get in front of more people, you know you can’t just go contacting bloggers willy nilly.  You need a plan.   That’s where I come in.

One of the main components of a successful online marketing strategy is a blogger outreach campaign.  In this article, we’ll address 3 main questions clients have when starting this kind of campaign:

1. What is blogger outreach campaign?

2. How can your business benefit from a blogger outreach campaign?

3. What are the steps to starting this kind of campaign?

Your mission for this summer – should you choose to accept it – is to start connecting with bloggers in a collaborative and valuable way.

1. What is a blogger outreach campaign?

A blogger outreach campaign is a marketing campaign in which you collaborate with influential bloggers that have a demographic similar to that of your service or product.  The goal of this campaign is to piggyback on the blogger’s existing social presence, and get in front of their audience.  Generally, the blogger will have tested your product or service, had a good experience, and will now promote it to their readers.  Many times, the blogger will feature your product in a creative way on their blog, and then cross-promote the blog post on their various social networks.

2. How can your business benefit from a blogger outreach campaign?

The growth potential in a blogger outreach strategy is typically very high, as long as you choose the right representation.  Be sure to pick bloggers that already have a strong foundation of followers.  Don’t just look for a high follower count, as followers can be bought.  If an Instagram account has 200,000 followers, but only gets a hundred likes and a  few comments, something is off.  Look for accounts that get a lot of engagement on each and every one of their posts, including likes, comments, and shares.  Most established bloggers can give you a full analytic breakdown of the success you can expect from promoting your product or service on their site, via an ad, a giveaway, or another type of collaboration.

3. What are the steps to starting this kind of campaign?

The first step is to become very active on your social sites, particularly the ones you’d like to promote your brand on.  If you’ve decided that an Instagram influencer will suit your strategy best, you need to live on Instagram for a couple weeks.  Search hashtags with your key words and find Instagram accounts that have your demographic in common.  Once you’ve found a good number of strong Instagram accounts, start studying their activity.  Once you are sure they are a good fit for your brand, contact them directly.  Many Instagram users that are open to collaboration will list their direct email address in their profile.  If they don’t have their email listed, comment on one of their less recent photos with your contact information (Email or business line only!  Never list your personal phone number on a public social media site).  I generally use this comment to get the conversation started: “We LOVE your photos and style!  I think we have the perfect giveaway for your audience.  Let me know if you’d like to work on something fun together!  You can email me at”

Have you worked on this kind of campaign before?  Let me know in the comments what tactics you’ve tried and what worked for you.