How To Get Noticed By The Media - Press Releases

Getting your press release read can be even more daunting than creating the press release itself.  But have no fear, I’ve created a simple formula that is sure to increase your chances of actually getting your press release read once it’s hit your recipient’s inbox.

1. Make sure you actually have something to say.

Press releases are for news – so don’t send one out for every silly little thing your company is doing.  If your business has something newsworthy to talk about, the chances of it getting attention goes way up.  Media and blogs also like to insure that what they publish is exclusive, so don’t send a press release about something that you’ve already published on your blog.  For example, if you are a wedding photographer and you want your latest styled shoot to be featured in Elle, you need to be upfront if these same photos have been published on Wedding Chicks.   More than likely, they won’t accept the pitch.

2. Write formally.

Whenever you are requesting something from another party, you need to address them with respect.  This includes proper grammar and spelling as well.  Although you may keep the email pitch light and conversational, always remember to write with professionalism.

3. Avoid using buzzwords.

The media knows these words all to well, so bring something new to the table by not overusing words like innovative, leading, and new generation, among others.

4. Day & Time Matters

According to Lewis PR, the “sweet spot” for sending a press release is midweek: Tuesday through Thursday had the highest open rates, with Wednesday leading altogether.  The best time of day to send out your press release being between 9am-12pm.  12-3pm only gets about 6% opens, while 3-5pm only gets about 2% of total open rates.

What are your secrets to get a press release pitch email opened?  Comment below.


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