How to create your own pinnable graphics in photoshop

As one of the newest social media websites, Pinterest has already climbed to the #3 spot in social media for most visitors’ right behind Facebook and Twitter. How about that for growth?

If you haven’t started using Pinterest for your business, you need to start!  For me, the most successful images have been ones that I’ve created in Photoshop and used in my blog (like the image above).  In the video below, I walk show you exactly how to create the perfect images for your business.  If you don’t have Photoshop, don’t worry.  I created a video just for you that shows you how to use Microsoft Word to create great, pinnable images.

Here are few steps to create your own pinnable graphics:

Step 1:

Find an eye-catching, on brand and relevant photo or background pin you know you have permission to use, like a royalty-free one that you’ve purchased or one you’ve taken yourself.  I love,, and for free images.

Free copyright free images - unsplash, morguefile, death to the stock photo, free stock images, free stock photos

Step 2:

Edit your image. Go ahead and play around with this if you want. Remember to make it eye-catchy, professional and neat (read: PINNABLE).

Edit your image in Photoshop - How to make Pinterest photos - How to upload to Pinterest

Step 3:

Pinterest Pin It Widget for WordPress Flare

Once you are satisfied with the way it looks, upload it to Pinterest. There are a couple ways to do this.  1. Once your post is published, use a Pin-It button (the one I use is Flare from the plugin shop in WordPress).  That pin-it button allows you to select what photos to upload from your blog post AND automatically adds the source link (the most important part!!!).



Manually upload an image to Pinterest

2. The manual way to add your pin is to go to your Pinterest page.  On the top right corner of your Pinterest page, there’s an “Add” button and a little plus sign. Click it, and upload your pin.  Always make sure to edit your pin to include the source link, otherwise you will have just uploaded a bunch of pretty pictures with no link back to your site!

Some Make-Your-Own ideas:

  • Make each post one pin and classify them under different boards. All should lead back to the blog post.
  • Make pins for classic quotes you think will inspire your audience
  • Create client boards with logos or featured people, and then lead the pins either back to case studies or to the client websites (with their permission).
  • Pin logos of conferences you’re attending or where you’ve been featured across the web. Standardize these, too.

Graphic tips:

  • Choose a font that’s easy to read (and never more than 2 fonts at a time!).
  • Stay away from very busy patterns unless you can ensure that the tips or quotes you write on top will be readable.
  • When using photos, pick a spot that is blank. Try not to put any text over the busy part of a photo.
  • Include your website or logo as a watermark – it’s all about the advertising!

Want more Pinterest inspiration?  See how my team does it on our Pinterest profile.