How to create a mobile site in under 5 minutes

How’s business lately?  I personally love the start of summer because new leads seem to pop up all over the place.  People have a fresh outlook after a long winter, and all the sunshine reinvigorates their passion to get stuff done!   Now’s the time to refresh your marketing strategy to make sure you’re ready for all those eager beaver potential clients, starting with your #1 lead attractor: Your website.

By now you’ve discovered how important having a mobile-friendly website is.  In 2010 alone, more than 50% of all Internet access was online (Inc.). You can guess how much that percentage has grown in 4 years, and how much it will continue to grow.  While you understand you’re missing out on BIG sales by not having a mobile site, you may not know  where to start.

What You Need:

WordPress: If you have an existing WordPress website, adding a responsive feature should be no problem.  If you chose a generic theme, many themes automatically come with a mobile or responsive option (usually in a check box under your themes ePanel).  Simply check/uncheck the proper box and voila! You have a mobile site.  Example:

How to create a mobile website in under 5 minutes

HTML Hosting: If you have a HTML website, or if your WordPress theme did not come with an automatic mobile option, the process is a little more complex.  First, log into your hosting dashboard or your cPanel (provided by your hosting provider).  Once in the cPanel, you should see an option for adding a mobile site to your hosting package.  Mobile sites generally cost under $5 per month…A small price to pay for all those sales you’re going to get, right?

Once you add the mobile site to your hosting package, you are ready to begin designing!

Must-Have Features:

Before you start designing your responsive or mobile site, plan out what the most important features your site will need to have.  Because it is a mobile site, don’t overwhelm your audience with too much content.  Get right to the point:

-Your logo
-An immediate call-to-action button such as a “Call Now” or “Email Now” button that will prompt a phone call or email directly to your staff
-A brief summary of services offered-A quicklinks menu of your most important landing pages

Design Process:

Now that you’ve added the mobile site to your hosting package and made a plan for your mobile site, it is time to make it live:

1. Still logged into your cPanel, chose “Mobile Site.  An app will pop up, allowing you to create a custom mobile site in just a few minutes.
2.  A simplified version of your site will be shown here.  Change the layout and colors, click Select Layout, and then select the options you want to use.
3.  To edit your mobile site, click Edit Site, and then select one of the following:
Basic — Edit the basics, such as the logo, navigation, text and images, click-to-call button, and mobile maps.
Full — Edit everything, including background text, images, and website apps.
4. To preview how your mobile website displays on mobile devices, click Preview, and then a mobile device.
5. Be sure to save and publish your work (depending on your hosting provider).
6. Start promoting your new mobile site!  Encourage your social media audience or blog readers to check out  your modern new site.  Next, all your hard work should be rewarded- even if you spent five minutes on it (no one has to know how easy it was!)- so sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the weekend from your backyard hammock….that’s what I’ll be doing.