Social Media Marketing doesnt bring in sales it gives you exposure - Natalie Grinnell - Studio 41 Creative - Social Media Marketing

To many people the above statement sounds crazy, but in reality, it is the undeniable truth.  Many business owners confuse marketing and sales.  I recently read the article 2 Things You Need To Know If You Want to Get More Customers (Without Using Slimy, Sleazy Marketing Tactics) from LKR Social Media, and they spelled it out perfectly:

The thing is, marketing doesn’t get you clients and customers. It simply creates awareness about you and your offerings.

Yes, read that again and let it sink in.

Then, it’s what you do with that awareness that actually gets you clients and customers.

So, with that in mind, the question is: how can you encourage people to buy from you once they’re aware that you exist and that you offer what they need?

In order to get more clients and customers – without needing to resort to slimy, sleazy marketing tactics – you need to focus on two things: building trust and establishing credibility.

You need to focus on these two things because potential clients and customers don’t just buy from any Joe Schmo on the street. They buy from people they trust, and people who are obviously experts at what they’re offering.


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