how to cure your midweek blues

The sun is out!  FINALLY.  If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting all winter for the sun to make its glorious debut, and to break out your shorts and flip flops.  The beach is calling your name, and the last thing you want to do is answer a phone call from a vendor or needy client, and Friday is soooo far away.

If you’re a small business or soloprenuer, you are no doubt suffering from a lack of motivation.  For me, it’s because it’s Tuesday at 2:15pm and all I can think of it going out for a Jamba Juice.  But we all know the show must go on.  After all, when we’re feeling sloth-like, we find it hard to keep our nose to the ground and keep pushing through.

Here are my tips to keep the ball rolling:

Cure for the Mid-Week Slump

1. Go out for that Jamba Juice!  Even if frozen fruity cups of heaven aren’t your thing, you have to remember to take breaks throughout the day.  Even just 5-10 minutes of sunshine or a quick call to the hubs can invigorate your mental health, and help you to make it to 5pm.

2. Take a 15 minute power nap.   This is my favorite.  By the time 2:30pm rolls around, I am a zombie.  But a quick cat nap is the equivalent of a 5-Hour Energy drink for me.

3. Take the afternoon off.  If you’re really not getting anything done in the office, take the rest of the day off.  Your body is telling you what you need, so do it!  You won’t resent your work life, and you will enjoy the tans lines.  I promise.  Give yourself a half hour to tie up lose ends, move meetings to tomorrow, and answer urgent emails, and then bounce.  Come back tomorrow relaxed and ready to hustle!