Facebooks new trending feature - studio 41 creative

Facebook has launched a new feature following the steps of Twitter called “Trending”.  This richer design shows personalized lists of the most mentioned words and phrases of the moment with short explanations of why is blowing up.  It shows the popular topics and hash tags that are being talked about on Facebook. It is a great opportunity for brands to get more exposure if they’re featured in the top stories of a trending topic. Also, for those who are covering a hot trending topic.

How Trending Works?

Once you click though, though, Facebook’s Trending pages look a lot more basic than Twitter’s. Facebook shows a feed of links and posts by Pages, celebrities, and public updates from users who have turned on the “Follow” feature to let non-friends read their public posts. Twitter’s Trending pages have more style, intelligently highlighting compiled sets of photos and people you should follow as well as posts mentioning the topic.

Because Twitter has long-been the go-to place for the latest news, and since most content on Twitter is public and therefore eligible, Twitter’s Trending Topics pages may be deeper and move faster alongside breaking news.

The fact is that most people don’t post publicly on Facebook and don’t have “Follow” turned on, so what appears in Facebook’s Trends isn’t actually what’s popular with people.

Overall, Facebook’s Trends seem a bit more immediately helpful and personally relevant, but Twitter’s pages will likely feature much richer content that actually reflects the thoughts of the common man, not just celebrities and news outlets.

How Can You Take Advantage?

Use these trending topics as inspiration for your own business postings.  After all, these new features are designed to make Facebook a place of people come to discuss what’s happening in the world right now – not just share what they did yesterday with friends.  But, don’t rely solely on Facebook, continue to use topics that are trending using Twitter and Google trends, and keep your content relevant and interesting.   (Facebook, EdgeRanker, TechCrunch)