your love hate relationship with facebook marketing studio 41
It’s time you took a good, hard look at your Facebook strategy.   Are you embarrassed to post anything on your page for fear that no one will like or comment?  We’ve all been there, and you’ve probably heard the same old advice over and over again. “Ask a question!” “Ask for a response” “Post ‘Click Like if you _____!'”

If you’ve done these things and you’re still hearing crickets, it’s time to shake things up.
My team and I manage about 10-15 Facebook pages at any given time, and every month we see a continual increase in engagement.  Why?  Glad you asked…

[Tweet “There is one key ingredient to getting people to engage: Put yourself in their shoes.”]

There is one key ingredient to getting people to engage with your post:  Put yourself in your audience’s shoes.  You know they want to hear from you because they liked your page.  No one forced them to do that.  Now you just need to figure out why they did it, and what they want from you.

More than likely, the answer isn’t because they want to be pitched at all day.  Think about what people like to see on Facebook.  Funny anecdotes, images, newsworthy articles, and other posts that add value to their lives- not the other way around.  That doesn’t mean you can’t talk about your business at all, but I’d suggest keeping things to the 3-1 rule:  3 posts for them for every 1 business post.  You can still find engaging things to post while sticking to a theme: Inspirational quotes, cute/pretty/funny images, comics, and simple, relatable questions have proved best for me.

One last tip!  Facebook has a habit of giving less newsfeed property to posts with links, so keep outbound links to the 3-1 rule as well.

What Facebook strategies have worked best for you?  Let me know in the comments below.