Email marketing can be one of the most powerful forms of online marketing.  It allows you to connect with an audience that may otherwise be unreachable.

You need to establish a goal of your campaign.  You don’t want to give your readers so much material that it overwhelms them.  Establishing a goal for your campaign will help to keep you focused, and keep your message simple.  Ask yourself, who are your ideal customers?  What do they need?  How can I provide it for them?

You want to make sure your first email doesn’t go straight to your recipients spam folder, or possibly worse, they unsubscribe themselves.  The most important quality of an email is its value.  What does it offer your audience?

Qualities of a valuable email:  

Helpful:  Informative marketing provides answers to a questions or need of the reader.  What do your customers need?  Would they benefit from a how-to post?  What about a colorful video?  Would a coupon or discount offer serve a mutual need?  Consider it an extension of your customer service.

Customized:  People are looking for the solution to their problem.  Your job is to make sure the answer they’re looking for comes right to their inbox.   Take a look at your website’s analytics.  What are the most popular keywords that are leading users to your site?  Create an email that provides solutions that many people are looking for.For example, if you have a clothing store, and your most popular keyword is J-Brand Jeans, include information for J-Brand jeans in your email.  Show examples of how to style those jeans for the office or a night out.  If you include a discount for J-Brand jeans, make sure to post the same discount on your website, so you can capture the search audience as well, and turn their search into your profit.

Timely:  It is also imperative that your email is sent to the right people at the right time.  Email campaign tools such as Constant Contact allow you to send an email to your entire contact list, or just a selected list or person.  You can build lists based on customer interests or products they already have

Always track the results of your marketing campaign.  See what actions readers took:  Was your email opened?  What links did they click?  Did they send a reply?  Did they inquire about a product? Email tools such as Constant Contact provide analytic tools that make it easy to track these actions.

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