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Creating great content is vital to modern marketing, but most blogging efforts fail.  Why?  Small business owners either put too much time into each blog post, causing them to loathe blogging, or they are so inconsistent with blog posts that readers (and search engines) get board and move you down to the bottom of the reading list.  More most people, blogging just takes too much work.  Here’s an alternative idea from Inc. Magazine that small businesses can use dramatically increase their shot at success.

Back before the the Internet, executives and entrepreneurs wanting to keep abreast of the news would read  publications called trade magazines.

In fact, trade magazines still exist, and many have migrated online. Often these publications are founded and organized by one particular company in a given industry, with writers and experts from a wide range of other businesses within the field regularly contributing.

There’s no reason you have to create every piece of content yourself in order to be perceived as the authority in your niche. Follow the trade magazine model of building an online publication that serves as the nexus for all the people who want to learn about your industry. Instead of churning out your own content every single day, use your online real estate to feature the most exciting points of view by the most forward-thinking people in your field.

If you open up your publication to others, they will not only pick up a big part of the workload for you; they’ll share your platform far and wide. And when you do create and post your own content, it will stand out as the glue that ties everything else together.

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Looking for a platform to create your own trade magazine?  I’ve use Paper.li for my clients up until recently, but now I’m totally hooked on Pinterest boards. Yes, Pinterest!  With Pinterest you can create a board with a particular theme, pin interesting articles, and even invite curators to add to your boards.  Works like a charm.

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