how to get leads

Every business has ebbs and flows.  Some months you’re raking it, and other months, well, not so much.  It is important to keep your business – and mind- fresh.  Here are the 5 ways I keep my company growing, even when business is slow:

1. Freshen up your website.

Does your website have all the attributes of a mean green selling machine? Whether you sell goods or services, your website will be the first point of contact for many of your customers, so make a good impression.  It might be time for updated graphics and buttons or better call-to-action items.  Take a look at my list for keeping your website at the top of it’s game.

2. Get ahead on your content calendar.

Blogging and updating your social media platforms can seem daunting when you’re doing it on a daily basis.  Utilize your free time by getting weeks -or even months- ahead on your social game by scheduling posts in advance using WordPress for your blog or Hootsuite for your social media posts.

3. Read up on your industry or marketing trends.

The weather is so nice outside right now!  Grab some lemonade and your sunnies and head to the park with one of the great business books below.  I’ve read each of these, and they have all helped me see my business from a new and profitable prospective.

4 Hour Work Week

jab jab jab right hook

Suitcase Entrepreneur

Captivology by Ben Parr

The Lean Startup

4. Revamp your marketing materials.

Take a good look at all your marketing collateral and ask yourself these questions:

Are all my marketing materials consistent?

Is my contact information up to date?

Is there an offline and print version of each document?

Can these easily be sent via email to a prospective client? Check that you have appropriately sized PDFs for email servers.

5. Attend networking events.

For all businesses, it’s a numbers game.  The more people you know and engage with, the more people that are likely to bring you leads.  Whether it’s through word of mouth or a collaboration, networking is sure to grow your business.  Not to mention the added personal benefits of meeting new friends.

So, which of these ideas will you try first?  Let me know in the comments below.