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Having a spot in the online world where you – as an individual or as an entity – and having the opportunity to share a series of ideas isn’t enough. In other words, a blog or a website is not enough to have a stellar online presence.  What can help, however, is have readers engage with your content, and that is not as simple as just putting your ideas out there.  It takes a little tweaking, a little tuning, and a little inspiration from the writer’s side before things go smoothly to a more active audience. There are, however, a couple of strategies anyone can use in order to increase that comment count.

Let’s see what these strategies are:

1. Create A More Inviting Environment

You know how it is when people avoid visiting those friends that live too far away or have a rather messy home? The same can easily happen in the online world – if you do not invite your readers to come in and drop a line or if you make it too complicated for them to do so, then they will simply avoid it. End your articles with a question for a change – one that actually makes sense, and one that people would enjoy engaging with.  Another must: Having a comment platform that invites readers to comment for you (like the one offered by Disqus).

2.     Don’t Seduce And Abandon

If you get them, learn to keep them! In other words, if someone was kind enough to respond to your engaging comments tactic, then remember to keep in touch with them. Help them feel like their comments didn’t just go unnoticed. Also, prompt responses can also boost the level of interaction you have with your audience.

3.     Give Your Audience Something To Interact With

High-quality content is the pillar of any website worth visiting. On the other hand, when it comes to commenting, people have to first draw ideas from your content, in order to share their own. Make them think, enable their thought-making process and you should start seeing a certain amount of engagement sooner than you think.

4.     Controversies Bring In Opinions

This isn’t a tactic you should pull all the time. Once in a while, when you feel engagement is dropping again, go strong and have an honest opinion about something. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, or create a more dramatic environment, remember it’s a bit about marketing your content as well. But as far as comments go, you have to take a pledge to accept different opinions and step in when things go out of hand (there’s always a risk of an opinionated conversation turning into a flame-war).

5.     Show-Off Will Drive More Comments

Everyone enjoys their 15 seconds of fame, therefore, if you want to create a more engaged audience you will soon realize that a top 5 or top 10 of your greatest comments ever will make everyone feel like their voices are heard and their opinions matter even if it’s a couple of weeks after.