It’s no secret that first impressions matter.  From job interviews, or even first dates, the first experiences we have will leave a lasting impression.  So why should your website be any different?  Your homepage is your business’ debut to new visitors (roll out the red carpet), so it’s easy to see the importance of making sure this page effectively represents your company in the best way possible. 

1. Clean, branded home page – Modern day advertising can often be pressuring and overwhelming.  With so much information being pushed in our faces, the real way to stand out is by keeping it simple.  Keeping your message clear and concise, you are allowing the potential customer to make an informed decision quickly. This not only helps your website stand out, but also helps your visitors recognize your product, purpose and values right from the jump. Clear the clutter, drop the distractions, and help your viewers find the information your website was intended to share.

2. Recognizable logo – Having a straight-forward, recognizable logo is one of the quickest ways to communicate your brand’s mission and values.  In this day and age, attention spans are getting shorter, so a good logo can tell your website visitors exactly what you stand for without them having to read a single word! A simple, professionally-designed logo can be the foundation of your brand identity and leave your viewers confident in wanting to dive deeper into your company, brand, and services. 

3. Newsletter sign up form & automated emails (I suggest MailChimp) – One major key to building a successful clientele online is providing an email newsletter for your customers.   Adding a simple newsletter signup on your website can do wonders for building strong customer relationships. By providing a recurring newsletter through automated emails, you can keep your customers updated about new products, services, events and anything else you’d like them to be aware of.  Not only do newsletters help you communicate information and promotions with your customers, but they also assist in building your company’s credibility by being consistent. Each email sent to your subscribers serves as a constant reminder that your company is alive, well and growing.

4. Easy-to-navigate website – A well organized, easy-to-navigate landing page can be the single most important aspect to your website. Studies show that clearly labeled, easy to find links can help increase your visitors’ duration time by enticing them to explore the rest of your pages and guide them to the right places to make a purchase.  There’s no benefit to making your website feel like a fun-house.  Drop the confusing navigation, place your links in the proper places and save your visitors time and frustration by creating an easy to follow, positive viewing (and purchasing) experience.

5. Clear Calls-to-Action –  Sometimes customers need a little guidance, and clear calls-to-action can give them the direction they need. Calls-to-Action assists your website in being easily navigable by telling viewers what to expect next, without them having to second guess if they are clicking on the right link.  A simple “Call Now” button above the fold of your mobile site allows customers to contact you without having to spend frustrating minutes trying to find your contact information on their small mobile screen. A “Buy Now” button can alleviate confusion when a customer comes to your website in search of a particular purchase. The goal of a successful website is for customers to make purchases quickly and easily.  

Your business deserves to own a signature online style that not only attracts your ideal audience, but converts them into a loyal customer.