Social Media Conversation Starters - Studio 41 Creative Agency San Francisco

Creating long-lasting engagement on your business’ social networks can seem like a daunting task.  After all, coming up with something creative, witty, or motivational every day can wear on you, not to mention actually selling your product or service.  But, don’t give up!  I’m here to break down the simple steps to gaining lasting fans who actually comment, like, and share your posts.

The question is – What makes people want to engage with a particular brand and keep interacting with it?  The truth is, people are on social networks for a reason: to interact.  So if you, as a business, manage to communicate something truly useful, you’ll obtain something priceless from these users – engagement.  Here are the keys to interacting with your customers (and potential customers!) online:

1. Bait and Hook

What does your audience want to talk about?  You should know your audience and then tailor your questions or posts to suit them (read: nothing too sales-y).  Most people shutter when they hear the term bait and hook, because it reminds them of the slimy bait-and-switch tactic…but this is not the case here!   This is one of the classic forms of engagement in social media – focusing on a question or a form of a discussion point is the bait part of the plan.  Obviously, as soon as the conversation gets started, make sure you keep it going.  When you purposely form a relationship with the audience by keeping them interested- that is the hook part of the plan.

2. Trending Topics

Trending topics are out there for a reason. Make them about your brand as well, if you can, and if not, try relating to them in one way or another. Share posts from others’ and generate engagement just by becoming the one that shared or replied to that trending topic. If people see involvement from a brand, an honest involvement that doesn’t look like spam, they’re surely become curious and want to become part of the entire conversation.

You can even create your own trending topic like ModCloth did here:

3.  The Freebie

One of the quickest way to gain exposure for your social network is by giving something away for free.  Watch your post spread like wildfire once your audience realizes you are giving them something, instead of always asking them for something.  Be sure your giveaway is something valuable to your audience, but also make it for you as well.  For example, in order for them to receive the freebie, they have to sign up for your email newsletter. That way you both gain something from the giveaway.

What are you favorite ways to increase your social media engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social network you are promoting your business on?  Comment below!